The artist is at the heart of the action to stimulate a better awareness of the issues of our planet trough his pictorial series in development on glacier retraction, erosion and iconic mountains, that are so beautiful, but also in the same time fragile in face of the impact of human activity.

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The Monte Rosa is the highest mountain in the Helvetic Alps on the natural border with Italy, it separates the south from the north, a veritable water tower of central Europe, this immense and massive mountain, with soft and generous curves, seems approachable, when he really isn't, because it’s surrounded by immense glaciers in perpetual movement with sometimes impassable crevasses several hundred meters deep. Its rosy beauty at sunset, in a sublime light makes the admiration of tourists, but hides the reality of its very long approach always under the threat of avalanches and seracs fall, with the fear of a sudden change of weather which can trap fatally any climbers. This mountain with its black and blood-red heart represents in a way the mouth of the ogre who swallowed up too naïve humans, who wanted to brave it without respecting or listening to it. Through the use of natural and raw materials, I tried to represent this emotional and physical impact that a mountain can really be, through painting, with its brutality hidden under its generous lines. It is not a question of representing a mountain, because the painting is not an image, but to transpose tensions, forces, moving masses and cracks in an ambivalence of an obscure clarity, which is the beauty even of danger and nature, which challenges us, revealing our vulnerability on our earth. Art must be uncompromising and remain equivocal when it tries to convey the power and magnificence of this nature which prompts us to rethink the relationship of man with his environment.


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