The artist is at the heart of the action to stimulate a better awareness of the issues of our planet trough his pictorial series in development on glacier retraction, erosion and mountains, that are so beautiful, but also in the same time fragile in face of the impact of human activity.

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My concern is the impact of human on nature, mainly in the mountains and on glaciers, my immediate surroundings. I also attempt to confront man and his own vulnerability to the force of the elements of this same nature, when it breaks loose or when it has been spoiled or destroyed by man. This painting is representing the erosion and the invisible transformation of our earth, by tides, water, wind and seismic. A perpetual movement that reveals our human universal vulnerability in front of the forces of nature. The natural elements used in my paintings are an awareness on ecological concern. This paintings is inspired by the skin of sheepskin rocks (smoothed by the retreat of the ice) observed in the Alps.


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