2020 - oli on canvas - 60x120 cm

EUR 1'600.00

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We can think of a world without the idea of a past, without seeing ourselves reflected in the actions that another has done and that we unconsciously repeat, because everything has already happened, a thought drawn from the Nietzschean philosophy "Everything that man will believe having created will have already been created, and not once, but infinite times”, where within the eternal return it places man in the infinity of time. In the series of paintings that I entitled "Fragmented Madonna" my idea of going to look for movements, ideas, bodies, feelings, colors in the past is reflected and brought back to the canvas but with modifications, with a "different time", with different colors, but respecting "the classic", after many drawings, photographs, studies of the body, the shadows, the light, even a lot of history, it is transfigured into the form I was looking for. As in all classical pictorial tradition (especially Italian), the idea of good and evil, of heaven and hell and of something that comes to "save us", could not be excluded, in this case I decided to contrast two colors that have more than one meaning, but in this case I have opted for the "political" re-presentation of colour.


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