Océane Fehr Art
born 23. November 2001 in France

Art style

Abstract & Contemporary


I was born in Paris in November 2001 and I grew up in East Africa. As far as I can remember, all I needed as a kid was paper and assorted colours. It was on a sunny afternoon in the cool shade of the tree canopy that my artistic journey began.

I was constantly surrounded by nature and animals, which made me curious about the wonders of the natural world. It was not until I was 12 years old that I attended proper visual arts classes in high school, which have since then been a reason why I paint with every second I have. It helped me tremendously reflect on my art, in constant search to find my style and improve my techniques.

My parents have a farm in Uganda and being constantly surrounded by nature and animals fostered my curiosity about the natural world. However, my passion for the ocean soared the day I first set my eyes on the Swahili coast in Kenya.

Since my passion is at the root of my favourite theme in visual arts, my art often ties in with fauna and flora.

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