Jerusa Simone
born 14. December 1993 in Portugal


Jerusa Simone’s approach to painting is based on daily personal experiences, reoccurring emotions, and memories. In her process, naive drawings often emerge from abstract backgrounds which were created devoid of pre-existing ideas, allowing her to embrace painting as an act based on spontaneous movements and intuitive choices. Subtle, informal lines give shape to ordinary objects assembled with human figures, reproducing familiar visual signs as well as strangeness. All her work, regardless of the medium, consists of reconstructing the connection between symbols and meaning, using abstract and figurative forms, color and texture in order to stimulate the viewer visually and intellectually. Currently based in Zurich and originally from Porto, Portugal, Jerusa Simone graduated in fine arts from the Escola Artística do Porto. During the past years, she has been exploring different mediums from painting to video-art, giving her the opportunity to exhibit internationally in various contexts and places, including Portugal, Italy, Saudi Arabia, England, Greece, Spain and most recently USA.

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