Art style

Art speaks for itself, it is unique when it has actually achieved self-confidence and is not in competition with neighboring art, it lives for itself.
Or it produces a delay that you can not really influence. That’s why, for me feeling like an artist, should be able to remember it as well. I do not really know if the technology or the philosophy plays a big role. I feel I need the both to come forward. When I see a new picture with the eyes of imagination, my statements stay as an idealistic hypothesis first… until an echo arises.
I love digital but i can let go of painting.
My motto: mix analog and digital until you get something worth seeing


I am born in Romania. I am an engineer, media and image editor, online designer and I am based in Munich. My life is formed by art like a common thread. With a background in building construction and plastic art school, I became concept artist. I am a dreamer of geometry and of colors. In addition I am working for Corporate Design and various web projects. I am a passionate photographer and I implement individual Composing and Digital art. One of the most beautiful projects for me has been the restoration some churches in Moldavia.
All these influenced a bit the direction where I am currently moving. That means something abstract, somewhat surreal and finding new design possibilities. The matter deforms space and time, but visually, the colors apear before. This stuff should be a kind of visual signature, some emotional sensorial touch converted into shapes


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