Anna Burger
born 27. October 1980

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Art style

Sculpture painting, deep impasto


I am Anna Burger, self-taught artist based in Vienna, Austria. I have PhD degree in Biology from the University of Vienna. I take regularly art classes at the art school in Vienna teaching by famous artists such as Mag. Art. M. Schleinzer and Mag. a. Ana Benesch. My artworks are heavily influenced by my observations of animals, birds, plants, insects, etc. I live in the big city and go back to nature through creation of volumetric sculpture pieces of nature. I also try to animate my travel memories or popular figures in sculpture pieces on my artworks. The deep impasto paintings are inspired by the beautiful textures and living forms of nature. I experiment with acrylic colours, different structure pastes and mediums. I am also passionate about digital illustration and design. My artworks participate in Open Calls organized by art school “Kunst VHS” in Vienna, Austria every year.

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