About Growth and Getting Bigger

Cécile Fuchs

art24 is growing and growing and growing

The kick-off was on the 22.2.22. With a small circle of artists such as Maria Fernanda Schulz, Viktoria Köstler, Hanna Mare, Verena Kandler, Margot Ressel, Helen Eggenschwiler, Aurore Grosboillot, Guido Parpan, Judit Flamich, Judith Roesli, Liang and many others, the circle began to grow.  

Since then, we are been delighted to receive numerous registrations every day! Not only contemporary, living artists but also important historical artists represented by descendants or friends are taking part.  

It is therefore not surprising that not only the artists, but even more their works are of interest! This is gratifying and confirms  our efforts that the works have found a large audience and are visited and viewed in large numbers every day!  

What complements and expands the level of awareness of the artists and their works are their blogs and their engagement in social media. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the truly original, great and touching blogs and social media posts that you artists write and publish. We work every day to showcase both the works and the artists on social media to increase awareness. We also learned that many artists have gained followers through art24's advertising. 

If you are interested in writing a text about a work that has particularly touched you, about an encounter in a studio, or if you have gained new insights in the footsteps of an artist, please get in touch! We are very interested in expanding knowledge, gaining new perspectives and sharing all of this! 


We look forward each  day to new registrations, new works and new adventures with the artists of art24, as well as with the visitors!