White Canvas #5 + Ghazal Ashrafian

Ghazal Ashrafian

Artist Ghazal Ashrafian writes about the women's revolution currently taking place in her home country of Iran, an issue that has inspired her to paint over the past years.

A revolution is happening in my country, Iran. 

The women's revolution with the slogan «woman, life freedom». The revolution that all the people of Iran have been waiting for for years and it started with the murder of a young girl. She is named «Mahsa Amini».

For 43 years, the dictatorial Islamic State of Iran has been killing and imprisoning its people. The Iranian women's revolution woke up the whole world. As a painter, I have always focused on women, and you can see women in my paintings. Happy, beautiful and dancing women from the rich and old culture of my civilized country, Iran. 

The subject of my artwork «A woman in Tehran» that I painted a year ago is exactly about women, life and freedom. A woman with open hair, Azadi Tower of Iran, with Iranian words that I wrote on the Azadi Tower. And the very topic of this painting is the topic of today's Iran. 

«A woman in Tehran» by Ghazal Ashrafian


My collection of paintings was called «Women, Dancing, Colour and Freedom». What was on my mind happened in the Iranian revolution and I am very happy today. On the other hand, I am angry and upset because of the killing of many of my countrymen, children, women and men. The Iranian revolution will soon win and change the world. With the end of the Islamic dictatorship of Iran, the war in Ukraine and Afghanistan will also end. The world will become a more beautiful place to live. 

«Women are angels» by Ghazal Ashrafian

Artists from Afghanistan, Ukraine and myself will have an exhibition of our works on the 3rd of December. And it makes me happy and proud that I can represent the women of my country with my paintings. And I can be their voice and of course my own voice and myself in the world.

«Flying With Black Horse» by Ghazal Ashrafian

Long live freedom. Light is victorious over darkness.

«A butterfly named woman» by Ghazal Ashrafian


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