Campaign Shooting 1.0.

Cécile Fuchs

Have a look behind the scenes of 1.0 

For the launch of we were able to realise our first shooting together with the artists Verena Kandler and Maria Fernanda Schulz. It was very impressive to see the dedication, the seriousness, but also the wisdom with which the two creatives see the world and let this flow into their art and now also into our campaign. We are very happy to have them on board! 

Maria Fernanda Schulz, born in Colombia, stands out with her vibrant and symbolic paintings. Not recognisable at first glance, the images deciphered themselves through the encounter with Colombia and the dialogue with Maria Fernanda. They open up a world that is worth diving into. The pictures are full of warmth, full of life and full of stories. 

Verena Kandler's work is characterised by criticism on the way we treat our environment. She uses waste and paint to create distinctive works between two and three dimensionality. Her work is challenging, provocative, but also amusing and ironic. 

Many thanks to these two gifted artists.   

The result of our shootings with the two artists can be found here: Why you should sell your art on art24 (Youtube)