White Canvas #9 + Sonja Crone on the planning and setting up of a solo exhibition (retrospective)

Sonja Crone

Sonja Crone gives us an insight into her work : Accompanying her exhibition at "Zum Schmale Wurf" in Basel, the artist has written down tips and advice on how to prepare, select and hang pictures for an exhibition.

Preparing an exhibition is always an adventure in which many questions arise.


Fig. 1 Flyer of Sonja Crone's single exhibition «Zum Schmale Wurf» (Basel), 01.04. – 30.04.23 


Step 1: Find the perfect exhibition venue 

It all starts with the search for an exhibition venue and the question of whether this venue will attract the customers I want. Not all artists want to sell their paintings, but I'll be honest: I'm very much interested in selling too; I just had to learn to let go of my paintings, which are like "children" to me. 

But it is a great feeling when a painting or even several worksare sold, because the artist invests much more in the art making at the beginning of his career than he gets back. Therefore, every sold painting is a confirmation of the risky path that one has chosen. 


Step 2: Hanging the artworks

Once you have found a location that suits you, you have to ask yourself whether you agree with the conditions of sale. Furthermore, one has to make the choice of the paintings, for which it is worthwhile to have a close look at the place. It is best to take several spare paintings with you so that you can exchange them on the site, as the final impression is only made when all the pictures are hanging. 


Fig. 2 Sonja Crone's artwork «Seerosen» from her exhibition 


Step 3: Framing and Pricing the artworks 

Another investment worth making is frames for works on paper, if the unframed is not part of the concept. In fact, there are works that look better without frames. I add the price of the frames to the selling price. I find it one of the most difficult things to measure. I am guided by the size of the picture, the material, the production costs and my personal feelings.


Step 4: Vernissage is happening

Finally, the vernissage takes place. Even if it is not the first one, it is always accompanied by great anticipation and excitement. It is all the nicer when many people are present.


Fig. 3 Day of the Vernissage (1.04.23) at «Zum Schmale Wurf» in Basel


You can also discover the art of Sonja Crone on art24. The artwork pictured in the flyer of Sonja Crone's solo exhibition (image 1) can be purchased here on art24: "Cloud Factory".


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