Maria Slovakova

Maria Slovakova
geboren 19. September in 1974

Käufliche Kunstwerke des/der Künstler:in Käufliche Kunstwerke des/der Künstler:in

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urban pop art


"For me, art is not something that belongs to me, it's something I allow to live and share with love. I'd like as many people as possible to be able to see my work, so that the message it contains can be passed on. There's no point in clinging to them, keeping them to yourself... these works don't belong to me, I'm just the intermediary. I am the instrument through which the message is transmitted, which is why I had to learn to draw...".

Her work has been selected and and exhibited at Washington Square Gallery in New York, USA; Quartier 21 at the Museums quartier in Vienna, Austria; Malostranska Beseda in Prague, Czech Republic; Parsons College Gallery in Paris, France; Famous When Dead Gallery in Melbourne, Australia; Fountain Gallery, New York, USA; Forum Stadpark in Graz, Austria and the Street Art Tour festival in Indonesia. Since 2006 she has participated in the Pohoda Festival in Trencin, Slovakia, where she has created large-scale murals, plywood sculptures and outdoor art installations painted live during the festival. In 2016 she moved from London to a rural setting. She currently runs Peace&Cookies, an art and creation studio located in the former post office of the village of Alet les Bains, in the south of France.
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