The artist is at the heart of the action to stimulate a better awareness of the issues of our planet trough his pictorial series in development on glacier retraction, erosion and iconic mountains, that are so beautiful, but also in the same time fragile in face of the impact of human activity.

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The Matterhorn is a fascinating dangerous mountain is a myth of the Alps, which brings people together in different ways, because this contemporary icon has certainly not yet revealed all of his secrets to us; its hidden and invisible side of been the deadliest mountain in the Alps. The matter of my paintings are taken from the site and therefore already takes us over several million years, to the heart of the geological history of this mountain, to the seabed of a disappeared ocean and in a temporality linked to the Pangea which opens the fields of imagination and emotion to us, by revealing us so negligible at the heart of the evolution of our planet. This is why the crossed gaze with a geologist seems to me a strong point, necessary for the contribution of this knowledge, an approach that links the visible to the invisible. The painting does not represent the mountain, it reinvents it, recreates it. The artist appropriates it with a message which justifies the need of painting, as a commitment and an act of resistance in relation to the evolution and degradation of our world. My role is to rightly offer a different interpretation of our environment and mountains, it is not linked to the image, it goes beyond it, which precedes a completely invested physical body to body relation with the matter and the structures, inspired by this knowledge and enriched by multiple aspects. The link between the pictorial material and the artist's clinch with his canvas is comparable to that of the mountaineer with his wall, rock and ice.


Mixed media
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Abstract Art
is an original
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