Scope of Services

art24 is a platform for creators and people interested in the field of visual arts. This includes paintings, graphics, drawings, mixed media, photography and sculptures.

The art24 team consists of art historians, artists, art restorers, marketing specialists and IT specialists.

The quality of the uploaded artworks is constantly being examined. Collaborations with museums, higher education institutions and influential people in the arts are being sought in order to maintain the quality standard and to adapt the platform to current events.

Artists who are seriously working on their career as an artist are released on the platform. This requires that the profile is filled out and at least two pieces of art must be uploaded and described in the portfolio. The photos of the artworks must be of high quality.

Also, no works will be released that are liable to criminal prosecution or that disseminate offensive, racist and/or sexist ideas as well as other forms of discrimination, for example ageism or discrimination against the disabled. Services that are not related to the visual or performing arts as well as to music and literature in the broadest sense shall also not be published.

art24 will start first with a support programme for young artists in cooperation with art academies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For further regions, additional support programmes will follow. The goal is to support unique and outstanding artists as early as possible and to strengthen their autonomy so that they can build up their existence as independently as possible from galleries. The chosen artists will receive a subscription free of cost as well as access to the worldwide marketing measures of art24. Partners (mainly art academies) are given a number of free subscriptions at the beginning of the partnership, which they can then give away to their artists (the partner has the right of proposal, art24 checks whether the proposal fits into the concept). In the following years the partner can give away an additional number of subscriptions per year. 

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