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Dorothy Aniro P.

Dorothy Aniro P.
born 28. August 1992 in Greece

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I like to experiment with painting, space design, comic art & more. My work deals with light, movement & transformation.


I am a visual artist, creative designer, architect & illustrator based in Athens, Gr.
I like to construct my own realities and I have created my personal planet which I discover and connect piece by piece. The center of my work is ‘The Yellow kid’ and its journey is organized in ‘The River’ diagram/ map, a separate documentation project that you can find on my website

I enjoy playful experimentations with different kind of techniques- it is like creating my own playgrounds & choose in which one to play at depending on my mood.

I use architecture as a structural element and methodology of approach. My projects have a social & multi-disciplinary approach and study the body in relation to space dealing with pieces, social connection, relationship patterns & voices. I create extensions of the existing reality for voices that need their own space to exist.

Exhibitions & Festivals (full list on website)

During 2022, I completed my first residency program at AIR-ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Niederosterreich, in Krems, Austria, where I had the opportunity to research, design and present through my first solo exhibition, my own language project ‘Dansing on golden sand/ A language of light’ that consists of dancing letters and a video art performance.

My most important work ‘The hidden room’ experimental comic book has been awarded with an EBGE award (Greek Communication & Design awards) in the self-publication & experimental illustration category. My work has also been presented in various festivals like Fumetto festival in Lucerne, Switzerland & Comicdom in Athens.

Education, Background & Interests

I have studied architecture in the National Technical university of Athens (NTUA) with a focus in urban planning and redesign of an industrial area using tools such as structures, motifs and systems that emerge from the clarification of machine and networks. My research interest apart from the various structures and motifs also focuses on the relation of cinema & architecture and the role of design elements as social depictions. I investigated the spacial expression of control and interaction between imaginary space and reality from the viewers and protagonists perspectives.

I recently completed a second degree, in Sculpture in Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) where I was very interested in structures, currents, moving images and working with layers.

My studies and work experience in Architecture & Fine Arts allow me to engage in various artistic and design projects. I have worked as an architect and graphic designer at Studio Noh architecture studio, where I was involved in concept design, presentation design, post-production, and book design. I have also worked as an architect at Casa da Horta and Mass Lab in Portugal, where I contributed to architectural design and research. As a creative designer, I have created illustrations and digital art for various music events and collaborated with bands, writers and other organisations such as Children’s art museum as an illustrator, creating posters, album covers, comics, and more. My goal is to continue developing my artistic vision and skills, and to collaborate with other creative professionals on inspiring and innovative projects.

I also believe in magic🩷
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