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Francesca Caruso Bucolo

Francesca Caruso Bucolo
born 22. February 1978 in Varese

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Francesca Caruso Bucolo was born in Varese on 22nd February 1978. The family moved to Messina, their city of origin, after three years. After finishing her studies in Advertising Communication in Milan, she began working in two Marketing Agencies.
She moved to Switzerland to join her husband and became a mother of three fantastic children.
In 2014 she creates "Der Grüne Mohn", a small business where she channels the most diverse creative activities, from computer graphics to manual work with paper, book sculptures and the patenting of a new design. In 2022, he took the Advanced Diploma in Creative Art in Zurich to learn and experiment with new techniques.
This juncture marks the beginning of a journey into painting by starting to create his first oil paintings.
He also breaks out of the box of classical painting by producing works in 3D.
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