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Samineh Amel Sayyah

Samineh Amel Sayyah
born 28. May 1983 in IRAN

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Contemporary art influenced by expressionism."I consider myself a neo-traditionalist artist. My work embodies a richness of form and explores social content through the lens of human experience. Conceptually, my pieces weave together narratives influenced by history, mythology, philosophical contemplation, and my personal life. They are a fusion of painting, sculpture, photography, clothing design, and sewing, with women serving as the central theme."


I was born in 1983 in Tehran. I have been painting since my early childhood. Later I studied graphic art, painting and
clothing design.

2024 -Turkey
2023 -Kuvik Gallery
2022 -Contemporary Art Gallery Online
2022-The Holy Art -Greece
2022-MİİT Museum -Italia
2022-FIMAC 22 -Italia
2022-Palazzo Bonin Longare Vicenza - MİİT Museum -Italıa
2022 – International Studio of Art and Galleries - Dubai, UAE
2020-Luna Gallery -Turkey
2016 - Shahrava Gallery - Tehran, Iran
2015 - Sobhan Gallery - Tehran, Iran
2004 - Honar Gallery - Tehran, Iran
2004 - Elahe Gallery - Tehran, Iran
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