The Art Platform art24 Gets a New Look

Sebastian Nellen

The idea of a fair marketplace for art between artists and buyers led to the art24 project. 
As project manager, I stood in front of a white board several times and drew the first brush stroke at the beginning. More and more strokes were drawn and from this, a rough structure of the art24 art platform first developed. The platform gradually took on shape.

On February the 22nd 2022, the new born platform was launched ceremoniously and presented to a selected audience. 
Since then, "teething troubles" have been identified and solved, and important enhancements have been built in. The project manager and his team sometimes draw with a pencil, sometimes writes down a requirement, and this always with the aim that the platform offers a noteworthy added value for the artists & the buyers.

The visitors and users of the platform were quickly convinced of the advantages of the new art platform. There was a lot of positive feedback from the users, which reached the art24 team.

And the art24 team also received constructive criticism. This feedback was analysed, solutions sought and prioritised. 

One realisation was that the overview of the platform needed to be revised in order to strengthen the visitor experience. 
Several solutions grew out of this insight: how users can navigate the platform better; how users can register more easily; how they can be guided through the registration process; how registered users can get important information more quickly. 
A better guidance through the registration process, as well as a better account overview was aspired. Registered users should be able to see the most important information at a glance and be able to edit user data quickly.

We invited external partners, sketched, drew and painted. Countless hours passed and important findings were made together, which were looked at in depth and new sketches and models were created. 
From these models, the requirements were divided and described so that the processes were understandable in order to programme the innovations.

Many "teething troubles" have been corrected and the platform is getting a new look. Yes, the homepage of the platform will have a new look. The registration process has been optimised for users and a new overview page for registered users has also been created and is already active.

We still regularly receive contact requests about the platform and wishes, which we are happy to continue to accept. We take your needs seriously and want to continue to improve.

The next sketches are already in progress. Stay tuned!