Community Supporting Community

Cécile Fuchs

You want to know what life as an artist is like? Do you want to dive deep and experience stories? Then this blog format is for you.

In our new blog format "Community Supporting Community" we want to connect you readers and interested people with you artists. Selling a work is a part of an artist's life and the final stage of a long process. But during this process there is a lot of work and a lot of material. Sometimes things happen that are unforeseen and not planned for. 

 That's how life plays out. But in the context of a work of art, a research for it, a realisation or a follow-up, this is part of the work of every artist. Often they work for free until the hoped-for sale and they make their way from sale to sale. In between, there is often a deep financial gap that needs to be skilfully overcome.

Art is often not only the end product, but the way to it. art24 paves the way anew and lets you participate. 

 In the following months you will find reports from artists who are in the middle of this process and they will give you an indication of where support can be given. Whether monetarily, with the support and networking and the admission into your own bubble, the assistance in an exhibition. You get a deep insight into the making of a work. You come into contact with these artists and may even become part of the process and ultimately the work.

Be curious, there are manifold motives! 

 The artists can be contacted directly via the platform.