Art 4 Charity - Retrospective

Cécile Fuchs

On 12 October 2023, we successfully held our Art 4 Charity Event with a group of art24 artists, where the artists presented their created watch dials and then auctioned them off online. Since then, the detailed and colourfully painted originals have adorned the wrists of the lucky new owners. However, latecomers still have the opportunity to purchase the replicas of the watches. How? You can find out here.

For the 12th of October 2023, six artists from the art24 community were asked to design a watch dial. Their painting surface had a diameter of just 4 cm. A steady hand was therefore required, as well as the ability to look closely in order to achieve the best possible effect of the motif on this small surface.  

The watches with their artistic dials were presented on the evening of the 12th of October. It was no coincidence that this date was chosen: The 12th of October 2023 is the World Sight Day. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM), a charitable foundation that primarily supports people with visual impairments and works to prevent illness.

The doors opened at 6 pm and the guests were able to admire the watches in their illuminated display cabinets while enjoying an aperitif. In addition to artists from the art24 community, many other guests were present. 


Fig. 1: Visitors of the art 4 charity event listen to the presentations.


After a short film presentation by the Bern Centre for the Blind and Disabled (known simply as «Das B»), which produced the beautiful wooden watch boxes, it was time for the watch artists to present their story and their version of their work.   

At 9.30 pm the time had come! The red button that activated the auction on the platform was pushed and the auction started.   


Fig. 2: The red button is pressed and the auction is activated live on site.


The watches could then be bid on online and thus from virtually anywhere.   

Four replicas of each of the six watches can now be purchased. To get you excited about these wonderful works of art for your wrist, we present all six artists and their thoughts on the objects here. Of course, the proceeds will also go to the Christoffel Blindenmission.


The artists and their miniature works of art:  

Clarissa P. Valaey's watch face is entitled «A Time for Art». She was inspired by nature, more precisely by tropical plants. The dials were painted and varnished with gouache using a magnifying lamp. Clarissa chose a tropical orchid for the ladies' watch, which is delicate, complex and very feminine. This makes the watch look like a piece of jewellery. Palm trees in various shades of green and blue were created for the men's watch. A somewhat daring statement. Clarissa thinks that both dials are also unisex.   


Fig. 3: C. P. Valaeys' «A Time for Art»


One of Dotti's specialities are small heads and faces. The challenge was to reduce the usually large faces to a minimum. This is how the title «My Style # My Art» came about. Normally, the faces in the huge formats of Dotti's works have to be discovered by looking closely, but on the small clock, the human figure presents itself directly in its temporality.




«The Facets of Eyesight» by ZE1 directly addresses the importance of sight for people. The iris on the round format is reminiscent of the eye and is surrounded by a diamond effect. This emphasises the value and beauty of sight and the importance of advocating for people with visual impairments so that they can find their way in a world made for sighted people.   


Fig. 5: ZE1’s «The Facets of Eyesight»

Liang's work is entitled «Le Petit Prince». She takes up the motif of light by capturing the short-lived sunset that heralds the night. Consciously devoting herself to this spectacle of time and looking at it makes it seem much longer than it actually lasts. With her work, the artist draws attention to this intrinsic effect and at the same time to one of the 40 sunsets in Le Petit Prince. The idea is to overcome the definition of temporality.


Fig. 6: Liangs «Le Petit Prince»


The artist Maria Fernanda Schulz calls her work «Fortune». Her depictions are intended to bring something exciting and positive into the world. The clocks are therefore also intended to create a better quality of life and emphasise the importance of helping each other. The jaguar symbolises the people who receive help as warriors. The idea is to create a better world together.  


Fig. 7: M. Fernandas «Fortune»


The clock face «Time and Life Path» by artist Viktoria Koestler shows black lines on a gold background, which represent different life paths. The gold refers to the potential of life when we make courageous and self-determined decisions. In doing so, we choose our paths and create stories and experiences, while time progresses. Whether sighted or not, other people in particular offer us inspiration, which is why we should take the time to listen to each other.


Fig. 8: V. Koestlers «Time and Life Paths»


Would you like to wear a watch on your wrist that symbolises such beautiful thoughts and give something back to other people? Then join in and buy one of our replicas. Then buy one of the replicas and support our passionate artists and the Christoffel Blindenmission, which will use the donations to prevent and cure blindness!