10.12.2023: Water Angel

Katarina Babska Malikova

The 'Water Angel' transports the viewer into a world in which body and water enter into a harmonious symbiosis. 

The canvas becomes the stage for a delicate dance in which the lightness of the angel brings the surface of the water to life. By embracing the water, his appearance is moulded, setting the water in a calming motion and spreading peace in every brushstroke. The blue colour palette draws the viewer into the depths of the inner world, while the golden light of hope shines even in the most turbulent waters of life. Experience the poetry of the connection between body and water in this mesmerising work of art.

Body and water form my inseparable connection. This artwork shows the lightness of the dance of a water angel on the surface. In the embrace of the water, its form emerges, stirring up the water and spreading peace. The angel's body, swaying in the shadow of the water, floats and radiates light. Even in the challenging waters in which we swim, we do not lack the presence of this angel. The blue colour has the ability to draw us deeper into our inner world. The "body colour" represents fragility and purity of spirit. The red colour expresses a friendly passion. The golden colour appears as an expanding brilliance, the light of hope that gives us security even in the most turbulent waters of life.

Another nice surprise is Katarina’s Advent picture. As a sports painter and sports illustrator, she is known far beyond her country's borders, but here she has come up with something very special. She combines sport and the element of water with the symbol of an angel. What is special about it, too, is that everyone is familiar with the snow angel, also made in a water element, but here she has opted for the fluid form. An extraordinary work, the guardian angel of a sportsman or sportswoman. The ascent to a higher level, the light, so much is united in this work.

Katarina's unique works can be purchased here. After all, who doesn't need a guardian angel when doing sports?


Yay! We have the winner of the day! J.H. will receive a cap from art24.