19.12.2023: Snow-covered Path

Wolfgang Söring

A path that has been walked many times before. A beautiful picture at the end of the year. Which paths have you travelled often this year? Which paths will you cross? Which ones will be travelled again, and which ones will not?

I've known this snow-covered path for decades and I had to paint it because it brings back so many nostalgic memories, especially in the pre-Christmas period: Pleasantly dry cold, silence, and the crunching of the snow when one was out and about. Everyone greeted each other in a friendly manner, just like this lady in the picture.

Wolfgang Söring is an exciting artist, because he was actually a piano teacher and composer. Music dominated his universe. But his paintings also have their very own, typically Söring, narrative styles and views in store for us. You can recognise his focus on the auditory. The crackling in the snow, the conversations on the road, the cold wind, he has packed all of this into this tempera painting and thus left us a composition. 

An enchanting winter painting by an exciting artist. Available to purchase here.



Yay! We have the winner of the day! S.H. will receive a RAM watch "Oven" for art24, worth CHF 499.00