13.12.2012: Open Sesame (Find Your Way)


The magic of this technique is the individual observation.
Without wanting to delve into the psyche, I find it exciting to hear what others see. Where one person sees ghosts or skulls, another sees flowers or angels.
Why open sesame? Tell me!

Where there is an entrance, there is usually an exit, even if it is the same passageway. We probably all know the saying: where a door closes, a gate opens. So, whenever something happens that is perceived as 'not good' at that moment, you should recall this proverb and believe that it is meant to be, because something better is coming. Positive thinking moves mountains.


Doris Reimann's work carries hope within it. And this feeling is particularly present at Christmas time. What happened last year? What can I expect in the coming year? Will my wishes be fulfilled? Red, the colour of blood, of love, of passion, all attributes for the spirits of life that make us get up in the morning and give our best every day. And along the way, on our road to happiness many things happen that influence our colours of life. But isn't that exactly what life is?

All these thoughts are in Doris Reimann's work. What are yours?


Yay! We have the winner of the day! G.M. will receive a 32-piece drawing set from LYRA REMBRANDT®.