08.12.2023: Aarechempe (Aare -pebbles)


Stones on the banks of the River Aare compete with the autumn leaves for the splendour of colour. 

There are heaps of stones on the banks of the River Aare. Mostly unnoticed, which is why I've jazzed them up a bit. For once, they are allowed to be the centre of the painting. The autumn leaves, which are usually painted, are for once just the background here. 

Margrit Aegerter's works focus on things that would otherwise go unnoticed. She emphasises her stones, but also a meadow, flowers, leaves, a shadow, and turns these observations into something special. This is also the case in her Advent work. She pays attention to every single stone, they seem to live, to change into something else, an animal perhaps. The river moves along, appearing to be merely a by-product here.

That is the power in Margrit's paintings. The sense for details, for background noises, for absences and unnoticed creatures. As a result, this work also inspires us around Christmas time to think about people or generally about all the things we have paid little attention to, or to whom we should help or contact again. All of this is contained in these stones, waiting to be discovered and to inspire you to think further.


Yay! We have the winner of the day!  C.A. will receive a FABER-CASTELL opaque colour box.