16.12.2023: „when everyone is asleep“

Helen Eggenschwiler

Imagine you're sitting on the balcony with a view of the city. It's night, the lights are on. Everyone is asleep and peace spreads over the world. You are in the midst of life, but still alone with a view of the world. 

In my art I deal with photography and the superimposition of photography on canvas. In this work, I have printed photos of the night on top of each other. It is a city in the south. The night is warm, thoughts are wandering. The superimposition seems to blur the image, but the details remain recognisable. In this work I want to show the feeling of stillness in the night as well as the life that goes on and on, the city lights up and seems to burn from the alleys. Somewhere a dog barks, a car drives past. But in contrast to the day, there is a peacefulness because everyone is asleep.

Helen Eggenschwiler's secret recipe for success is her extraordinary photographs, which she then layers on top of each other, giving the work a painterly effect. This gives rise to new associations and sometimes room-sized new stories. She not only designs canvases, but also curtains or even wallpaper. Her works are reminiscent of analogue photography, which, with its influences of too much or too little light, dust and so on, created an incomparable effect on each individual photo. Helen achieves the same through overlaying. Her works evoke longings, thoughts that we all know as we linger in a city and wish for nature, when we are in the forest and can't get enough or when we look at something in one place and associate it with something else. Helen's multi-layered works are important contemporary witnesses and can be purchased here.



Yay! We have the winner of the day! I.H. will receive a JAX® School Series B brush set with pony hair.