11.12.2023: » Harlekin «

Verena Kandler

Where do you play the joker card? Where are you a harlequin? Where are you building protection out of masks instead of really opening up? A power picture for transformation.

We have all built up protective mechanisms to guard against hurt and honest contact with the world. By choosing "masks", we adapt to norms and expectations. Looking into our own conscience mirror intuitively shows us where we can be more honest. It is courageous to face them and transform them. We tend to want to protect or shield ourselves from the world around us, even though we have inevitably merged with it. Our skin is populated by microorganisms, we ingest bacteria through our food, we all breathe air.

Verena Kandler is an artist who has ventured into the business world and weaves these two components together very skilfully. Her tutorials for other artists, in which she explains many components of being an artist, are in high demand. In her own art, she deals with the issues of sustainability. Be it in terms of society, interpersonal relationships or resources. 

Verena is a multi-faceted, profound, intelligent and talented artist and businesswoman. You can support her by purchasing her works or attending her webinars.


Yay! We have the winner of the day! A.P. will receive a Van Gogh wooden watercolour box.