18.12.2023: Shining moments

Annette Irma Matzelle (AM)

Something magical lies within... a landscape full of idyll, hope and longing, gazing into the distance for what seems endless. We gaze into the distance!

This painting "Shining Moments" experiences a harmony and a richness that inspires the senses through its harmonious colours. 
The colours of the painting glow and radiate, as real as they appear in nature depending on daylight and weather conditions. The sky appears rather poetic in its expressive luminosity.
The lighthouse radiates protection and security, like a solid rock in the surf. It shows sailors the way and protects them from imminent danger. 
The small island of the north as a home harbour and place of the heart arose from a deep feeling of connection to nature in the north. 
A special attitude to life and a feeling of happiness arise from holiday memories when looking at the picture. 
Each work is put in the right light and brought to life by the viewer. "Shining Moments"

Annette's work radiates strength and tranquillity. Anyone who carries the north within them knows this feeling, which Annette describes so aptly. A deep sense of connection with the roughness of the sea, watching the clouds pass by quickly as if they were in a hurry. The light that only conjures up its most beautiful colours in places like this.

Annette is a multifaceted artist who captures the moment so aptly wherever she is in the world. She manages to evoke a feeling of identification with her works. As if we are right there in that place with her. Sometimes it is a place that exists, sometimes a place in her imagination. Anyone who would like to discover and buy up-and-coming, talented artists should definitely get in touch with her. The works are in demand!



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