07.12.2023: Tranquility

Thomas Haensgen

The Beauty of Nature.

There is enough stress in life. What matters are the moments of relaxation, of stillness, of finding yourself. "Tranquility" gives you these moments. Simply by leaning back and enjoying. Just like autumn spreads out in the area around Mount Hood in Oregon, enveloping the world in an aura of pure relaxation. Enjoy.

Thomas Haensgen's photographs move between concept and chance, animation and static. The subjects are skilfully altered so that they correspond to Haensge's impression. His series are aesthetic and dynamic. 

He is a successful photographer who pursues his own projects, but also accepts commissions. Thomas Haensge is our first «Community Supporting Community» artist. His work «México Black & White» is in full swing, he just experienced some unpleasant obstacles. His wonderful Advent work, as well as his unique photographs, can (still) be purchased for little money and contribute directly to the support of Thomas.



Yay! We have the winner of the day!  S.R. will receive a RAM watch "Oven" for art24