06.12.2023: Elsa in the Flowers


It is a frontal portrait of my daughter with floral motifs and a traditional costume.

The image of a young woman whose face is depicted with maximum realism emerges on the canvas. Elsa's gaze, calm, confident and bold, creates an interaction with the viewer, as if she had been captured in a moment of natural harmony. Her dress, decorated with a floral pattern, harmonises perfectly with the wreath of flowers on her head and the background of colourful wallpaper. The colours merge easily and create the feeling that Elsa has become part of this colourful swirl by chance, but naturally. The painting reminds viewers that beauty can be found in unexpected moments when colours and shapes merge into a single symphony. "Elsa in the Flowers" is not only a portrait of my daughter, but also an exploration of the harmony between nature and humankind, united in the world of art.


Jorge is a virtuoso painter. His works appear almost hyper-realistic. He has dedicated himself to oil painting, which makes the quality of his works immeasurable. He skilfully incorporates the symbols familiar in painting and thus joins the lineage of the great painters. His eye is obsessed with detail and faithful to reality but he always leaves enough room for the imagination. His works are a must-have in any well-organised collection! He is still affordable.


Yay! We have the winner of the day!  I. P. will receive an art24 Totebag with the work of Ignaz Epper