14.12.2023: square, practical, precious


A painting that captures the essence of minimalistic elegance. 

The canvas presents a square format with clear lines and geometric shapes that create a balanced harmony. 
In addition, the golden colour adds a touch of opulence and sophistication to the work.
The work fills the room with an aura of luxury and modernity. 
The careful arrangement of shapes and colours creates a visual poetry and the viewer is invited to discover the beauty in simplicity.


Matthias Frohburg unites music, nature and painting in himself as an artist and thus also in his expression. The works are often symmetrical, which can also be found in music and nature, whereby one assumes a striving for a higher understanding and unity. The works are abstract, but viewed under a magnifying glass, every snowflake, every grain of sand is exactly like his works. Matthias can therefore be seen as a mediator of nature and a gifted artist.



Yay! We have the winner of the day! T.L. will receive a RAM watch "Oinas" for art24, worth CHF 499.00