20.12.2023: On Cows and Aliens

Merge Visible

Do you think that's how cows imagine aliens?

Immerse yourself in the surreal world of this artistic composition that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. In the middle of a picturesque landscape panorama, majestically gentle cows rise up, symbolising the peace and serenity of nature.
But within this idyllic scenery, the boundaries of the familiar dissolve when octopuses unexpectedly float above the peacefully grazing cows, their tentacles stretching into the air. These extraordinary creatures surprisingly carry the heads of the cows, a fusion of two seemingly incompatible worlds.
The bold combination of these elements invites viewers into a game of imagination, celebrating nature in its diversity and unexpected connections. This visual narrative opens up room for interpretation, stimulates the mind and invites us to look beyond the conventional boundaries of reality.

Merge Visible is one of the artists who has undergone an incredible development over the last two years. He appeared as an artist almost out of nowhere, with one or two samples, then almost as suddenly he took off vertically and from the outside you can almost get dizzy! Just as dizzy as his unique works, which combine the universe and elements of creatures living on earth. His humour and profundity make him an artist to remember and to buy pieces from now!



Yay! We have the winner of the day! F.B. will receive a LASCAUX Studio Original acrylic colour set with 12 bottles of 30 ml each.