15.12.2023: Alentejo

Josef H. Neumann

The digital chemogram by Josef H. Neumann reflects a land formation in Alentejo in Portugal ('beyond' the river 'Tejo'), near the village of Odeceixe under the digital "brush influence" of the analogue image *Harmony of the Spheres*. They were created independently of each other, over a period of 40 years.

Josef H. Neumann travelled extensively throughout Europe taking photographs. Starting with his diploma in 1978, which he obtained in the Algarve (from the Arabic 'Al Gharb' 'In the West') in Portugal, he later lived there for more than 10 years. He was repeatedly drawn to the neighbouring, often scorching Alentejo, which only comes into contact with the Atlantic Ocean in the west. The following thoughts on the motif pass by:

When the fields are already coloured by the blossoms in February and they scatter their dust over the acres and meadows and the flowers shine in a variety and blaze of colour and the scorching heat of the approaching summer sets in, in which not a leaf moves because not a breeze stirs, the heat becomes almost unbearable for animals and people. In this mood, I lie in the shade of a tree, look out over the landscape and realise that the images will soon wither and dry up. It won't be until early October of that year that the rain will slowly move across the plains and, as it were, seal away its moisture.

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Thus, this Advent work is also an extraordinary work. Because it was created over a period of 40 years (!). In addition to the unique technique, time has also been incorporated into this work and preserved forever.


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