17.12.2023: BEYOND TIME


The abstract colours of the earth seen from a hidden place in infinite space remind us how quickly life passes and how small our existence is contemplated from the eternity of time. Beyond time, this wonderful planet that shelters us between the sounds of wars and troubled seas, the ever-present beauty of nature.

Beyond time, 

when nothing is left 

and all is past. 

There will remain the written poems, 

the painted pictures, 

the hugs given. 


When there will be no more space 

between heaven, earth and hell, 

and everything will be present. 

The lost hours will come, 

the unspoken words, 

the moments that are gone. 


Beyond time, 

when nothing is left 

and the seas swallow the mountains. 

The memory of the glaciers will remain, 

corals, and thousands of species, 

exhibited in museums. 


All the uncertain future will become certainty, 

it is time, 

Death waits patiently for us to cross to the other shore. 

Beyond time, 

when nothing is left 

and all is past: 


I will embrace every smile, caress and dawn, 

that in the sleeplessness of endless nights 

between wars and miseries, 

knew how to shelter me, tuck me in, and hold me close, 

making this passage through the valley of existence 

a warm sigh and a beautiful memory. 


Beyond time, nothingness. 

Beyond nothingness, the life that is leaving us.


This work is part of the Human Planet Exhibition and will be presented to the public in New York in April 2024.

Cris is at home in the world. He is not only connected to many people, but also to nature and has the rare gift of recognising the connections and, more importantly, he feels the desire to protect these interdependencies and interconnections. 

He sees the world from above and at eye level. 

His artworks bear witness to this sensitivity. The works should be carefully selected and purchased, because you are not only acquiring a unique view of the world, but also a piece of Cris' collected home.



Yay! We have the winner of the day! M.B. will receive CARAN D'ACHE® LUMINANCE 6901® artists' coloured pencils, set of 20.