09.12.2023: Small Cosmos

Marcus Nordmann

The work shows an unrecognisable landscape and conveys the feeling of connections in a natural environment. 

The motif was originally created by looking over a low wooden fence into a farm garden. The intense feeling when looking at nature allows us to perceive the "big picture" here on a small scale. At the same time, there are hardly any limits to the individual perception. Everything seems to be connected, just like in the cosmos of marvellous nature. The glass cubes and the sometimes complex grids, everything is set in vibration in our view and thus seems to be deeply interconnected.

Marcus Nordmann's works are characterised by atmosphere and close observation. His gaze always shines from a calm position, pondering deeper thoughts. From this, he translates what he sees into painting and invites us, as viewers, to immerse ourselves in his world and his current thoughts. He consciously chooses the style depending on the message he wants to convey to us. This work by him is therefore quite unique, as there is not yet a cubist work in his oeuvre.


Yay! We have the winner of the day!  G.V. will receive a winter hat from art24.