We are live

Sebastian Nellen

All things are new in February! Since 22.02.22. at 22.22 o'clock the gateway to the new, fair and digital art market is open to the world.

At the Hotel Schweizerhof, everyone came together who had been working for months, and some even for years, towards this goal. To create a platform where artists can meet buyers directly. And this at the highest quality standard. 

We would like to thank the Hotel Schweizerhof for hosting us, the investors for making it possible to build such a unique platform, the developers who, together with Sebastian, have had countless sleepless nights and thus wild hairstyles. 

We are looking forward to working with the marketing crew to include the GSA regions Switzerland, Austria and Germany, followed by England and the USA towards the end of the year. 

Most of all, though, we are happy for all the artists who discover through our platform that self-employment may be the more strenuous path, but the price is paid with independence. And we at art24 help where we can and mediate, show, clarify and push as much as we can. 

There are already many talented artists and exciting works of art on the platform, waiting to be seen by you. So go ahead: discover the colourful world of art24.world