art24 Presents: White Canvas

Lea Kämpf

Write about what inspires you! About topics that interest you, move you, make you think and let the art24 community participate and discuss them with you!  

The new blog series «White Canvas» offers art24 artists an additional platform to present their projects and/or themselves. It was devised to allow the creative discussion of artist collectives and or the collaboration of larger community art projects, as well as current openings, group exhibitions and much more - the topic development knows no boundaries. On a white canvas, the artist can live out and create their own vision however they like. In the new blog series, they are free to design the blog as they wish, for example as an interview, an about-text, a colourful picture collage, or as an essay.  

The texts will be revised, edited and translated before being published on our website. We are accepting submissions via: We look forward to your submissions.