Visiting with Radio 3fach

Cécile Fuchs

Yvonne Roos, art historian and German philologist at art24 talks to Chaim about art24, equal opportunities and subscription prices.

Yvonne Roos, working for art24 since December 2021, was invited by her fellow student to give an interview about art24 on the programme "Stooszyt". While is only a few weeks old, Radio 3fach itself has been active for 24 years and has long since grown up. That makes us all the more pleased to be talking about deceased artists on this fresh radio station.

They also talk about what art24 can offer artists who do not yet have a wide reach as well as the difference between and a traditional gallery. Why should an artist go to art24? And how is the value of a work determined? You will find everything about this in the article!

Radio 3fach is THE youth radio station in Central Switzerland with a high audience frequency. With various programmes, young people and those who have stayed young at heart are addressed, and there is something suitable for every music taste. Radio 3fach also hosts the open air “Funk am See” on the “Lidowiese”, which is held every two years, as well as the Volière bar near the “Inseli” in Lucerne. 

Listen in, it's worth it!