Lea Kämpf

Lea Kämpf

Our expert for art restoration, the care of artworks and our contact person for our artists, Lea Kämpf, in profile

For as long as I can remember, I have been involved with art, whether it was drawing and painting by myself in the past, restoring it later on, reading about it, or looking at it and exploring it. Art remained my favourite occupation not only in my childhood, but also during my art leaving certificate in Berlin and my master's degree at the University of the Arts in Bern. 

While I became interested in photography in the meantime during a nine-month internship in a London photo studio or also in graphic design as a possible first educational idea, my enthusiasm for art restoration, which started in a school internship, returned when I made my decision on a profession. Working with and on historical paintings and sculptures fascinated me. Every work of art tells a story and has a past that I, as a conservator and restorer, want to understand in order to preserve them in their condition for the future and to breathe a bit more life back into them without violating the artist's ethics or damaging the work. It is an exciting, diverse and creative profession that requires an understanding of art history, but also of art technology and science, and above all a sure instinct. 

At art24 I have the chance to be in direct contact with art and artists, to use my knowledge in a targeted way, but especially to also learn a lot of new things. What makes art24 unique is that you can find historical as well as contemporary works of art here: From baroque to modern digital art, everything is here.