Artist interview with Aurore Grosboillot

Lea Kämpf

A brief introduction to the French artist

We met the freelance artist and trained art restorer Aurore Grosboillot for a couple of quick, sharp questions. Why did she come to art24 and how else does she exhibit and promote her artworks? 

Enjoy reading and getting to know her. 

Hello dear Aurore, how are you? :) 

I'm fine, thank you, and yourself? :) 

Thank you, me too. Let's jump right into the first question about your art. How long have you been working as an artist? 

Actually for a long time. I started painting when I was 10 or 11 years old. I would spend days locked in my room doing nothing else. I developed a passion back then that became a career goal at school. After grammar school, I studied art and then decided to work in the field of conservation and restoration of cultural assets. The desire to paint never left me, since I devoted my free time to my passion.  

But professionally, I officially opened my studio in September 2021. 

Have you already had the opportunity to exhibit your artwork? And have you already had experiences with art platforms? Where and how do you sell your art? 

I had the opportunity to exhibit at "au salon des copistes du louvre" in 2014. And other than that, I have had other small exhibitions in my hometown in France. I have never had the opportunity to show my creations in an online gallery. Instead, I use my website to show my portfolio and sell my creations. Although I think I can sell more based on orders. 

Why did you choose art24 as your platform? What do you see as the opportunity to show and sell your artworks on art24? 

I was contacted by this art platform. I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise. But I find that this platform is a chance for me to become visible in the art world and to broaden my horizons. 

Is there anything that makes you feel insecure about art24? 

No, not yet. 

Do you have a question for us to conclude the interview? 

No, nothing really. 

Great! Then thank you very much and I wish you only the best for your artistic career. 

Thank you as well for the interview. 

Those who would like to learn more about Aurore Grosboillot and her art can discover her on the art24 platform and visit her social media channels.