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Oleksii Pysmennyi

Oleksii Pysmennyi
né(e) le 10. mai 1991 à Odessa

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Oleksii Pysmennyi
What is the best way to recognize the personality inside yourself: I’m getting more and more alike typical psychotherapists who are using lots of jumbled phrases and scientific terms. I wish I would never be like this, frankly I can put down my ideas in simple way, similar to my speaking, but it’s not that easy.
Personality is wise. I’ve thought it’s easy to identify it, if you are just a human being so you must have a personality by default. Not, it’s never like that. 80% of people of my experience live like primitive Homo sapiens, as if no personality inside or as if they are robots living aimlessly... Or I just see them like that. No need to humiliate the sense of life of other people, for some of them setting up a toilet can be a significant target. I understand it, I accept it and I respect it.
My goals, that supposedly make me a personality, are much simpler: I want non-material benefits such as knowledge, love, successful career, public recognition (though what for is not clear to me). Sometimes I don't even realize why I want some things. From where I stand, true personality can get recognized only when you start wanting non-material things without fear to lose something, when you begin to create the global picture in your mind and start marching towards it like a stupid Dory fish. However, the result will never satisfy you, no matter how much you might want it. It's always not enough.
Don’t even try to get my idea. It looks like I don’t get it myself, probably depression guides me or my intellect or maybe happiness, it can be symbiosis of all of them.
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