Judit Flamich
born 13. November 1999 in Hungary

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Art style

Imaginary realism


Judit Flamich was born in Hungary in 1999. She´s currently living and studying art history at the University of Vienna, restoration and conservation at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Her painting skills were mostly gained by private art education both in Hungary and Austria. She regularly exhibits internationally.
As an ever- evolving experimenter, she plays with an ensemble of multiple different directions of styles with her ductus. Traces of symbolism, natural impressionism, hints of surrealism or expressionism are all reoccurring fragments of the dream-like realm she creates on the canvas. Yet all her paintings have one thing in common: home. Jumping back and forth on the border of her home´s comfort zone, she explores her immediate surroundings by always walking with her "observing vision". Getting lost in our own known space is important to forget about the human nature´s compulsive search for the truth and to cherish only art.

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