Art and Culture in the Media #13

Martina Kral

Unique stories, recommendations, exhibitions, podcasts and plenty more related to images, artists, art collectors and the broad art market are increasingly flooding the media landscape. In 2023, we will continue to dig into this big colourful pot every month and share 5 tips - for all art lovers and the curious. 

BLACK ART is still on the sidelines of exhibitions, even if individual institutions are finally making up for what has long been missed (cf. Art and Media in the Media #10): Zanele Muholi, honorary professor at the «University of the Arts Bremen» and founder of Inkanyiso, is receiving her first retrospective at MEP in Paris. With expressive photographs, she gives a voice to misrepresented and underrepresented groups and creates foundations of understanding and respect.

BLACK ARTISTS NOW! From El Anatsui to Kara Walker brings together portraits of 15 black artists. Suggestive, sensitive and very personal, Ann Mbuti explores individual biographies, social contexts and artistic developments. The result is an extraordinary, outstanding book by Sumuyya Kader, complemented with images of artworks and sensual illustrations for each artist.

KUNSTSNACK - the name says it all «Art snack»: a snack for in-between, a bite to eat on the go and yet saturated with style: this is the small, fine podcast of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe with comedian, art historian and art comedy inventor Jakob Schwerdtfeger, lasting a maximum of 6 to 9 minutes. Short facts about individual works from the collection told in an easily digestible way with depth - a great way to snack.

GARDEN FUTURES - The Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein fulfils a longing for greenery, security and natural idylls. The large, lush green exhibition (until 3.10.), designed by the Italian design duo Formafantasma, takes visitors on a journey through gardens of the past and the future, presenting them as experimental fields for biodiversity, sustainability and contemporary community gardens, as well as examples of vertical urban farms and innovative, green visions of the future.

8.4.1973 - the radio news remains unforgotten: Pablo Picasso is dead. The Spanish artist of the century dies at the age of almost 92. In 2023, 50 years later, the governments of Spain and France, together with renowned cultural institutions around the globe, initiate the Picasso Celebration 1973-2023. Around 50 exhibitions, events, an international symposium and the opening of the Centre for Picasso Studies in Paris pay tribute to and shed light on Picasso's hugely diverse oeuvre.