White Canvas #19 Maeva

Maeva Lhopez

Guatemala, my first travel and paint journey

In December 2023, I started a project dear to my heart: to travel and paint my experiences. 

My first journey took me to Guatemala, where, for the first 2 months, I explored lands, culture and traditions. I absorbed the energy and beauty of the most mystic landmarks including the remains of a lost world: Tikal. I climbed the active volcano and watched the fiery explosion of Acatenango, felt the unity of the 4 elements at Lago Atitlan and bathed in the dreamy turquoise pools of Semuc Champey. I filled my heart with beauty, wild nature, colourful animals, warm-hearted people which all became precious memories. 

At times, I got challenged and had to face my own judgements and limitations. This was a time of intense transformation. 

In the 3rd month, I moved into an art residency on Lake Atitlan. My initial thought was that I could create one piece of art during that time, one month was my average time to creation until now. An idea I decided to drop on the first days after realising how self-limitating it was. During my first 10 days I created 2 pieces, a summary of the past 2 months, reflecting the rebirth of the goddess within and my connection to the magic of the heart opening medicine: Cacao. 

I took a 10 days break to join the Wayeb, (Mayan New Year) ceremonies, expand my vision of the world and deepen my knowledge. This time is called “Time out of Time” in the Mayan tradition. Over these days, I dived into themes, emotions or memories I had been pushing away, explored my dark desires, as well as the feminine and masculine polarities. I surrendered to my desires, I accepted my imperfections and discovered the embodied feeling of my life force energy. This new flame of passion gave life to a 3rd painting.

This was one of my most nurturing and life changing travels for a purpose. I learnt that:

 * Acting on my dreams is the most empowering act

 * My mind will always try to play me smaller, yet I have the power to take the ultimate decision

 * Time is what I make of it