Art and Culture in the Media #11

Martina Kral

Unique stories, recommendations, exhibitions, podcasts and plenty more related to images, artists, art collectors and the broad art market are increasingly flooding the media landscape. In 2023, we will continue to dig into this big colourful pot every month and share 5 tips - for all art lovers and the curious. 

ARTISTICALLY VALUABLE is Jakob Schwerdtfeger's eponymous podcast about art. As a comedian and art historian, he looks behind the scenes of the art world with guests. Whether curator, artist, museum director or frame maker - in an entertaining and highly informative way, Schwerdtfeger lets us dive into different professions in the art scene where we learn amusing, instructive and insightful things from personal perspectives.

SIX SEASONS is the name of the podcast of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien in cooperation with Ö1. Six Old Master paintings inspired six writers to create fictional stories that go far beyond the pictures and mere descriptions. The independent short audio stories, made audible by 12 actors and actresses, fascinate with their contemporary acoustic narrative art, combined with sounds and music by four audio play composers.

AFRAID OF CONTEMPORARY ART? Never again with this book (unfortunately not yet translated into German) Who`s afraid of contemporary art? by Kyung An and Jessica Cerasi. A brilliant, playfully explained introduction to the definition of contemporary art, why it is so expensive and often confusing as well as disturbing, what curators actually do, how art markets tick and many other topics. At last, the current art scene becomes more transparent.

ART AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) from an artistic perspective are the focus of the exhibition project SHIFT.AI and a future community at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, developed in cooperation with the Museum Marta Herford. Eight international work positions, based on investigations into real and artificial corporeality, digital surveillance, language technology, immortality and NFTs, among other things, make the complex interconnections of AI comprehensible (until 21.5.).

SIMPLY EXPLAINED: What actually is AI and a robot, what are algorithms or how are fake news created? Manfred Theisen knows. And he explains complex, new technical developments simply and in short chapters for children aged 10 and up. His new non-fiction book (from 8.3.) is written in such a simple way that it also makes adult readers feel more relaxed about the exciting digital future.