White canvas #4 Maria Fernanda Schulz in Cali, Colombia

Cécile Fuchs

Maria Fernanda Schulz, an artist who is part of the art24 community, takes on a journey to Colombia.

The days are getting colder here. Some are delighted, others maybe not so much. All the nicer then, when Maria Fernanda takes us to her warm homeland with her films. In Cali, Maria Fernanda is exhibiting her extraordinary, colourful pictures for the first time! She planned and realised this for her important exhibition together with her alma mater, the Pontifical University Javerinana in Cali.

In her video diary, Maria Fernanda gives us insights, she lets us see in excerpts how the pictures were transported and had to be reframed, what the arrangement of the pictures should be and everything else that goes into the realisation of an exhibition. 

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