Art and culture in the media #3

Martina Kral

Art for the ears: Podcasts, talks, stories and opinions on paintings and artists are increasingly flooding the market. We boldly reach into the big colourful pot and regularly give 5 tips for an exciting introduction or profound insights with addictive potential.

30 MINUTES OF ART Every 2 to 3 weeks, Jens Trocha delves into the "secrets of old and new masterpieces". Cultural history comes alive in an easy to understand 30- to 40-minute exchange with curators and art educators. A captivating introduction to epochs, terms, biographies and works - a pleasure to listen to without requiring any previous knowledge. Only in German.

WHAT DOES ART DO? Once a month, Weltkunst editor-in-chief Lisa Zeitz addresses this question in German or English with different people from the art scene. Exciting insider knowledge and background information provide fascinating insights into current exhibitions, projects, curatorial ideas and (analogue) art-making in the digital age. Only in German.

GREAT FEMALE ARTISTS Katy Hessel's scientific podcast about the work and careers of female artists is sheer passion! The sensitive and enthusiastic dialogues between the English art historian and curator and her interviewees pay tribute to female art from various epochs. 

IN A EASY WAY Claudia Linzel's informal conversations with artists, gallery owners and cultural experts about their passions are charming, relaxed and nonchalant. Anyone who likes stories and anecdotes about art and culture of any kind will love "The Lightness of Art" of this audio treasure. Only in German.

MUSEUM IN THE EAR More and more museums are discovering the medium of podcasts. As info for exhibitions, focal points of collections, for in-depth stories or glimpses behind the scenes. "My favourite, meanwhile, is "Art Lab On Air - the young view of art", a youth project of the Fondation Beyeler. The platform for "an open exchange" created by 16- to 25-year-olds is refreshingly direct - ideally suited for curious listeners of all ages!