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Cécile Fuchs

Fumetto is the best-known comic festival in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and has long since acquired an international character. This year Fumetto is dedicated to superheroes. Pictobello is the partner of Fumetto on the other side of the "Röstigraben"! Every year, Pictobello transforms the city of Vevey into a giant comic strip! But more on that will follow later on in the text.

The guiding principles of Fumetto and Pictobello, " discover, support, mediate and connect", are in essence also those of art24. That's why we're happy to leave the blog stage to Fumetto and Pictobello:

Fumetto 2022 follows on directly from last year's hybrid version and describes everyday heroes and heroines. We all develop in different directions, and some have developed heroic deeds, attitudes or even just patience; the patience to simply wait or to stubbornly endure. Each and every one of us was allowed to get to know oneself in a new way, or endured a lot - whether willingly or inevitably. Some of us completely reinvented themselves, others stoically stuck it out - but somehow a lot of it also involved a certain amount of heroism. Some even developed almost supernatural powers. - SUPERPOWER, that is. For all those who haven't heard of Fumetto yet or "heard of it but don't know exactly what it is".

The open-air festival Pictobello in Vevey works closely with Fumetto as a partner and represents the festival in Lucerne with comic artist Quentin Coet a.k.a Vivvian.

What is the Fumetto Festival?

Fumetto Comic Festival Lucerne is a comic festival that was founded in the city of Lucerne in 1992 and is held annually since then. Today it is one of the most important festivals in the field of comics and connected art forms, and this internationally. Every year exhibitions are held featuring the most important artists and newcomers from all over the world, in addition there are many support programmes, workshops and an international competition. Fumetto supports young artists from Switzerland and internationally. Fumetto is also one of the most important platforms for networking, a centre of competence and a contact for important questions from the industry (such as the future of the Ninth Art, transmedia developments, the archiving of comics and digital processing).

So what does Fumetto usually show?

Fumetto focuses on current, contemporary comics, mostly far removed from the heavily commercialised manifestations of sequential narration. The content of the festival is focused on actuality in the scene, and also shows important historical perspectives of comics. Fumetto relies on the power of comics and the immediate form of drawings. The comic can point out past, present or predicted circumstances. No other art form than the skilfully used combination of word and image speaks to people of all ages and backgrounds in such a direct as well as memorable way. Fumetto focuses on the development of the art form of comics and on the strength of networking. In addition, Fumetto always links special issues, such as the connection between the worlds of adults and children through the works of Joann Sfar in 2019. Or fundamental ecological ideas with various (serious) gimmicks on the subject of "bicycles". Fumetto is both near and far - the Lucerne murderer Gatti (exhibition Gatti by Melk Thalmann) from 1891 is only a short distance away from the Indian panopticon of mythology and political counter-designs (exhibition Mytholitics). Fumetto takes on current topics from around the world and in society and gives a voice to contemporary striking comic artists, whilst also classic works from times gone by play a role - and these are mostly still more topical today than ever before.

What about Pictobello?

The partner festival Pictobello will take place on 11 June 2022 this year. Once a year, illustrators and visual artists are given the opportunity to express themselves in places that are normally reserved for advertising. All participants will receive an area of 2.70 m wide and 1.30 m high, in other words, a bilboard. The works can be viewed before they disappear again under the mass of future advertisements around two weeks later on 26 June 2022. 

So once a year, the whole city blossoms into a huge bouquet of colourful but also insightful art. There is nothing better than walking through a colourful, cheerful world that inspires reflection and discussions! Those of you who have time should definitely visit the city during the "Pictobello season".

Pictobello has recommended that we take a closer look at Quentin Coet. He will be at Fumetto as well as Pictobello. Let him inspire you! And read about him in the following blog:

Quentin Coet a.k.a. Vivvian