Quentin Coet a.k.a. Vivvian

Cécile Fuchs

Fumetto und Pictobellos connecting artists, «Vivvian» in portrait

Quentin Coet a.k.a Vivvian is an illustrator and comic artist from Geneva. He studied visual communication at HEAD and graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2020. He works as a freelance illustrator on commission but also on a self-publishing basis. In 2020, he won the HEAD Foundation Award. Light-heartedness and humour play an important role in all his works, and also when he accepts commissioned work. Even if the topics are serious at times, there is always a bit of fun flashing through. Through the smallest details Vivvian lets us dive in and discover.

His bachelor project and at the same time his first book "American Fantasy" will be published in April 2022 under the Hélice Hélas publishing house.

Coet draws mainly digitally but uses the whole palette, depending on the format and commission.