Art and culture in the media #1

Martina Kral

Hundreds of new publications every year and the pile of books about the art scene, artists, art styles and exhibitions is growing constantly. We boldly reach out into the big colourful pot and regularly give book tips. Across the board.

GREAT WOMEN ARTISTS: Finally! An overview of 400 women artists and their key works from 500 years and 54 countries was long overdue. With great illustrations, this (2.6-kilogram-weight) important book takes us into the exciting and multifaceted world of female creativity. Covering painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, photography and performance. A valuable work of reference, discovery and amazement.


MODERN ART: Why is this art? And what is the meaning of it? Contemporary art can sometimes be quite exhausting and challenging. With this humorous and witty "discovery book», you will learn the stories behind 30 famous works of art in a playful way. Understandable and entertaining for children (8 years and older) - and a great foundation for adults to begin with on 96 pages.


FLOWERS? FLOWERS!: Namely, those in the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Used in earlier times as symbols of life, love, transience or destruction, today they are linked in painting, photography, video or installation to current themes about the environment, new technologies, social and gender-specific issues. Flower power of a different nature - as by the way also flower pictures on art24 reflect. Both learning and wow effects are guaranteed. See our blog  Flowers in painting.

Regina Selter und Stefanie Weirt (Hg.): FLOWERS! BLUMEN IN DER KUNST DES 20. UND 21. JAHRHUNDERTS. Catalogue for the museum Ostwall in Dortmunder U (Exhibition 30.4.-25.9.2022)


AIR IN ART: More current than this exhibition «World in Suspension. Air as an artistic material» at the Kunstmuseum Bonn is hardly any other at the moment. In an impressive and striking way, installations, machines, photographs, drawings and videos convey the element of air that shaped our lives and kept us in suspense during the pandemic. The empathetically designed catalogue summarises everything in text and illustrations. (Exhibition until 19.06.2022)


INK EXPERIMENTS: Take some berries, flowers, collected cigarette scraps or rusty, colourfully painted pieces of metal and create your own natural ink. In «Make Ink», Canadian illustrator, graphic designer, writer and art director Jason Logan reveals how to do this. Surprising recipes that lead to artistic original creations and new experiments.