Art and culture in the media #5

Martina Kral

Books, exhibitions, conversations and stories about art works and artists continue to flood the market. We boldly reach into the big colourful pot and this time give 5 special recommendations about the world of colour.

DAZZLINGLY COLORFUL... as the art24 logo is Colour: Travels Through The Paint Box by Victoria Finlay. The author takes us on a fascinating journey around the globe into the rich worlds of colour through facts and anecdotes and unravels the rich and the unknown, from purple and mummy brown to manganese black, mauve and Egyptian blue.

COLOUR RUSH!... an installation by Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis at the Vitra Design Museum (at the border triangle Germany-Switzerland-France) is devoted entirely to the theme of colour (until May 14, 2023). Around 400 collection objects of different styles and epochs are arranged solely according to colour. An opulent colour experience for the senses!

EXPERIMENT COLOUR... the interactive exhibition on the topic of «Farbe erleben!» (Eng. «Experience Colour!») in the Sensorium Walkringen traces the perception, creation, use and effect of colours by means of experiments and tests. Pictures and installations by various artists complete the journey of discovery through various colour theories in the exhibition area.

PURE BLUE... Ultramarine, cobalt, indigo or lapis lazuli in the form of blue pigments have inspired artists for centuries. In 40 striking examples of works from various cultures, art and fashion historian Hayley Edwards-Dujardin traces blue as a symbolic colour that includes far more than just the sky and the sea.

COLOR CHILDREN'S BOOKS... exist in great numbers. But only a few have become classics like those by graphic artist, painter and author Leo Lionni (1910-1999). Even the MoMa in New York owns many of his works. Lionni, creator of «Frederick» gave the world of colours magical colourful dabs with his works «Little Blue and Little Yellow» in 1959 and «A colour of his own» in 1975 in which he describes the changing colours of a chameleon.